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Share some HCIE-R&S H12-261-ENU exam questions and answers below.
Which timer of the STP timer does stipulate the frequency that the root bridge sends configuration BPDU? 
A. STP timer 
B. Hold timer 
C. Hello timer 
D. MaxAge timer 
E. Forward Delay timer 
Answer: C 

Which of the follwing description about BSR/RP mechanism is true? (Multiple choice) 
A. PIM-SM domain can have multiple C-BSR, but can only elect a BSR 
B. BSR through the received C-RP data packet to collect C-RP information 
C. BSR by flooding Bootstrap packets advertised BSR information and C-RP information to all router in PIM-SM domain 
D. a C-BSR also can collect C-RP information through received C-RP data packets 
Answer: ABC

auto-negotiation mode is to obtain maximum interface rate and the operating mode, the network administrator will set all Ethernet interface rate of a workgroup switch to 100Mbps, operating mode configured to full-duplex. When a NIC is configured to auto-negotiation of the workstation is connected to the switch, the outcome of consultations is that the interface rate is 100Mbps, the operating mode is half-duplex. 
For this phenomenon, which of the following explanation is the most reasonable? 
A. At higher port speed and operating mode, the workstation's network interface card can¡¯t be configured to auto-negotiation 
B. port rate negotiation consultations through the initial port to send FLP to negotiate, work mode does not negotiated by FLP 
C. when STP in initialization will make the port enter the blocking state, leading to auto-negotiation fails, so the port should be configured to portfast 
D. does not configure auto-negotiation on the switch, leading to the swtich can't send the FLP information to the workstation, thereby causing the work station set its own oerating mode to haIf-duplex 
E.problem lies in the workstation's network card, most due to the workstation NIC drivers too old, leading to the interface on the workstation NIC learning rate and the operating mode switch configuration 
Answer: D

Which of the following configurations are true OSPFv3 routing aggregation configuration ? ( Multiple choice) 
A. [Huawei] ospfv3 1 
[Huawei-ospfv3-1] abr-summary fc00:0:0:: 48 cost 400 
B. [Huawei] ospfv31 
[Huawei-ospfv3-1] asbr-summary fc00:0:0:: 48 cost 20 tag 100 
C. [Huawei] ospfv3 1 
[Huawei-ospfv3-1] area 1 
[Huawei-ospfv3-1-area-] asbr-summary fc00:0:0:: 48 cost 20 tag 100 
D. [Huawei] ospfv3 1 
[Huawei-ospfv3-1] area 1 
[Huawei-ospfv3-1-area-] abr-summary fc00:0:0:: 48 cost 400 
E. [Huawei] interface gigabitethernet 1/0/0 
[Huawei-GigabitEthernetl/0/0] asbr-summary fc00:0:0:: 48 cost 20 
F. [Huawei] interface gigabitethernet 1/0/0 
[Huawei-GigabitEthernetl/0/0] abr-summary fc00:0:0:: 48 cost 400 
Answer: BD

Which of the following description about data traffic load sharing in Huawei equipment is true? 
A. only LACP and LLDP protocol in Huawei devices can implement data traffic load sharing. 
B. Huawei device supports PoS, Serial, Ethernet and other types of interface link aggregation and load sharing. 
C. under the Huawei switches Eth-trunk interface, the default is based on source MAC address and destination IP address foreignlands for load sharing. 
D. under Huawei switches Eth-trunk interface may be based on data frame CoS values do hash algorithm to achieve load sharing. 
Answer: B

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